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Holistic healing is both utterly simple and yet quite complex. The simplicity lies in the fact that the body wants to achieve a state of well being and once given the ability to do so will correct itself. The complexity lies in how to achieve that transformation. Over and over again I found the failing of holistic medicine to be that certain strategies didn’t deliver the needed impact and consistency to sustain deep and ongoing constitutional changes. One would make a bit of headway and then revert back. Without writing a book on holistic medicine I can jump to the last chapter- what actually works. In a nutshell one needs to shift and alter the entire energetic matrix of the body and sustain that shift. The key is repetition until the body gets it. The body’s tendency is to revert to its old patterns. Many have made great efforts through natural healing to overcome an illness and yet they fundamentally don’t change. Why don’t they succeed? They haven’t altered the energy system of the body. Young people although horribly abusive can remain relatively healthy. Why? Their energy system is still in a relatively vital state.

Energy Enzyme Blend For Digestive Distress is energy food. It’s main forte is to act like a mini acupuncture treatment every time you take it. One aspect of our formula is that it has a phenomenal surface area and a very powerful negative charge. This actually jump starts the body back to its proper polarity. But what is most exciting is that microbials and disease cannot thrive when the energy system is balanced and vital. Acupuncture in theory tries to achieve this goal but what is missing is the consistency aspect, as most cannot afford the number of treatments to maintain sustained results.

This formula exceeds at drawing and trapping environmental toxins from chemicals to heavy metals. This process is called chelation. Once a toxin is trapped, it is no longer exposed to the body. These toxins are safely eliminated from the body without aggravation. Most chelation products do not remove the exposure of the toxic agent during removal and therefore the process of detoxifying the body can cause unwanted aggravations. Our formulas will also eliminate intestinal parasites. In my practice, I always encourage my clients to develop a home program of energy work. If you can consistently shift the body’s energy system day in and day out you have overcome a key hurdle in achieving true health. The second hurdle is the elimination of toxins. Once again, a vital and balanced energy system is a “get lost” notice to microbials and disease. Adding the fact that our formulas are superb chelators for environmental toxins, they become the one two punch necessary for detoxifying the body. So now you have two key factors in creating true health: You are balancing the energy system on an ongoing basis and you are eliminating toxins from the body without the harsh side affects that other cleansing programs can cause.

Energy Enzyme Blend is intended for daily use best taken several times a day. With the first dose you begin the journey towards cleansing your body and rebalancing your energy system. This formula is a foundational tool for making fundamental changes. Each person’s tool kit will vary depending on their health issues. I design comprehensive programs for my clients but the goal is the same: to reestablish the vital life force.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease.